Brandlab™ is a design studio founded in Lima, Peru in 2009.

Brandlab™ was born from absolute passion we have for design and our conviction in the positive influence that design can bring to people lifes.

We firmly believe that design, brought into brands’ life, can be the best way to influence people, create a culture or even go further.

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Luciana Pigati,
Managing Director

19/08/1975 Luciana has more than 20 years of experience managing communication strategies and projects for some of the biggest brands in the country. Business Manager since 2011, Luciana is responsible for managing all the studio’s brand projects.

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Raúl Cárdenas ‘Kuro’,
Design Director

10/07/1976 Kuro is a graphic designer that trained at the Institute Toulouse-Lautrec.
He has led projects in all type of design areas, for local and foreign industries. His work has been recognized and published in various type of specilised media. Raul has a lot of interest in all projects related to Design Thinking, Innovation, Industrial Design, Typography, Architecture and Technology.

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Andrés Nakamatsu,
Design Director

20/04/1987 After a career in Management and Graphic Design at Toulouse Lautrec Institute, Andres gained experience working in various design studios before getting involved in Brandlab™. Eager to learn more, he traveled to Barcelona in 2014 where he achieved a postgraduate diploma in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects at Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Andres returned to Lima to keep working at Brandlab ™.

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Juan Carlos Ytō,
Design Director

10/05/1990 Juan Carlos began his professional career after studying Graphic Design at Toulouse-Lautrec Institute. He has been a key member of Brandlab™ design studio since early 2011. In 2015, he also took part on a Design Workshop as a professor at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. He recently completed a postgraduate diploma in Graphic Design at Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

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Andrés Hiromoto,
Senior Graphic Designer

06/09/1989 Graphic Designer from Toulouse-Lautrec Institute, Andres worked in different Design studios all over the country and for several years as a freelance designer. Now, while working at Brandlab™, he is planning to specialize in Strategic Brand Management.


Jhesse Franco,
Senior Graphic Designer

09/06/1992 In 2013, Jhesse began to develop her career at Brandlab ™, after having completed her studies in Management and Graphic Design at Toulouse-Lautrec Institute. Since then, she has been involved in various projects such as brand identity, publishing and signage graphics.

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Tadashi Matayoshi,
Graphic Designer

04/12/1995 Tadashi is a professional photographer since 2014. He completed a degree in Management and Graphic Design at Toulouse-Lautrec Institute. After developing his skills in advertising for different brands within the fashion industry, he joined Brandlab™ in 2017. Now, he is contributing to different editorial and branding projects held in the studio.

Joe Arbaiza,
Graphic Designer

11/04/1990 Joe has a degree in Graphic Design from Instituto de Diseño & Comunicación IDC. He has been working with different clients on projects related to identity, editorial design and creative communication campaigns. At the same time, he strengthened his skills at experimental illustration under the pseudonym ‘Bauzem’.

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Gonzalo Pérez,
Graphic Designer

14/04/1990 Gonzalo has a degree in Professional Graphic Design from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. Before getting involved in Brandlab™, he worked in different graphic studios across the city. In the near future, Gonzalo aims to specialize in advance typography, products design and motion graphics.

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Andrea Wilson,
Graphic Designer

24/10/1993 Andrea studied Graphic Design at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Keen to achieve new goals, she traveled to Mexico as part of an exchange program of Universidad de Monterrey, where her interest in subjects such as branding, illustration and web design were consolidated. Andrea is beginning her professional career at Brandlab™ with plans to earn experience at brand identity.

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Adriana Tenorio Bertorelli,
Account Supervisor

25/06/1984 With a degree in Social Communication from Universidad Santa María in Caracas, Venezuela and her expertise to manage digital brands and integrated campaigns, Adriana gained great experience in the advertising industry. Currently, she works at Brandlab™ and has plans to specialize in brand management.
Ursula Pereira,
Account Asistant

24/02/1995 After achieving her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Advertising at Universidad de Lima, Ursula worked in different areas related to marketing and branding management. Even though she has always been within the advertising industry, graphic design and brand identity lead her preferences. Currently, she is planning to continue her studies in brand management.

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Gonzalo Echegaray,
Strategic Planner

Graduated from a bachelor’s degree in advertising at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Gonzalo has worked in different communications positions. Starting with 3 years in the internal communication department at the local office of an international corporation, 2 years in advertising research for various local and global brands, analyzing the brand performance and consumer behavior. Since 2016, he is part of our brand strategy team.

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Clara Agustín,
Founding partner & CEO of Marketwin

Clara achieved a degree and a post-graduate diploma in psychology, marketing and inclusive business at different universities across the world: With several years of experience in the market research field, she is now a professor of Marketing and an international speaker. Besides her various academic publications in marketing and market research journals, Clara is the CEO of Marketwin.

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